Online Tutoring

If you’re looking for a direct, highly effective tutor to help you revolutionize your testing approach and get results, you’ve come to the right place.

I provide online tutoring in the SAT/ACT reading, grammar, and essay sections.

In our classes together, we will work through three phases: diagnostics, foundation building, and error elimination.

STEP ONE: During our first class together, we will take an in depth look at your most recent practice tests and analyze all of your errors. We will find out much more than your official score report provides.

We need to understand WHY you are getting questions wrong and WHAT you can do about it.

STEP TWO: After figuring out the question types and concepts you struggle with and what kinds of preventable errors you’re making, we will begin our “study” phase. During this phase, we will cover every relevant lesson from how to use commas to how to tackle Big Picture questions.

STEP THREE: Then, once we’ve laid the foundation, we will begin the phase of eliminating careless errors. We do this by setting concrete skill goals and drilling that skill until you are applying it 100% of the time. Eventually, you will not only learn exactly what to do for each type of question, but you will be able to execute all of the strategies without making any errors.

Emily gave me a lot of strategies that significantly improved my SAT English score. With her help, I went from getting 8-10 questions wrong on reading to a perfect score on the Dec 2018 test! She helped me understand the test in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Amazing lessons!

Sri R.


  1. Do you offer a free consultation? If so, how do I book one? Yes, I do. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. Please contact me using the information provided below.
  2. How do I contact you about your services? Please email me at
  3. How does online tutoring work? Sessions are conducted via Skype, and I all of my class materials are accessed via a Google Drive. I have slides, notes, and practice problems just like an in-person tutor would. The main difference between in-person and online tutoring is that the student views our notes and practice problems on her computer instead of having access to hard copies.
  4. How does billing work? I use Venmo for payment, which is a secure payment app that you download onto your smartphone.
  5. Do with work with international students? Absolutely. 
  6. How many classes will I need? It varies widely from student to student, and I will be able to give you a better estimate after the first class. For anyone who wants to reach their highest possible score, I recommend 4-6 months. If budget is a concern, I also provide study plans for students who wish to have a few sessions and then work independently.
  7. How many classes do you recommend per week? Again, it is variable, but I meet with most students 1-2x per week. 
  8. How long should I study for the SAT/ACT? I recommend 4-6 months of preparation so that you can have a relaxed learning experience. No matter how long you have, you need to practice a lot. That can take place slowly over time or rapidly in a matter of weeks. 
  9. Will you do intensive sessions if I only have a few weeks until the test? Yes. It is possible to raise your score significantly even if you only have a few classes. 


1 hour – $150

30 minutes – $75