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“Emily gave me a lot of strategies that significantly improved my SAT English score. With her help, I went from getting 8-10 questions wrong on reading to a perfect score on the Dec 2018 test! She helped me understand the test in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Amazing lessons!”

Sri R.

“Emily is phenomenal. After 1 hour with her, I increased my ACT English score by 6 points and reached my goal. After the second hour, I exceeded my goal score by 4 more points. Emily made me believe that I could turn my worst section into my best one, and I did. I came to her with a 23 in English and after 3 classes, I got a 35. I qualified for a higher level of financial aid because of Emily’s help. My family and I are SO grateful!”

Jacqueline S.

“I love Emily. She helped me get a perfect score on the ACT English section. She taught me exactly what I needed to know to get every question right, and she gave me lots of homework problems that helped me practice. She was accommodating and flexible in working with me around my learning difference, as well. Emily is funny, too, and she always made me laugh during class. Thank you!”

Sarah E.

“Emily is a charismatic, quick witted, and experienced tutor. She helped my son prepare to take the SAT in November 2018. He was able to raise his score by 100 points in the 3 weeks prior to the test. Emily has smart lessons and homework that helped my son work on the kinds of questions he was struggling with. Emily was also very communicative with me and my wife. She made us feel like a part of the process, which we appreciated. I highly recommend Emily’s services. She is an excellent teacher and an amazing person to work with.”

Harish P.

“Emily is an awesome SAT tutor. She helped me figure out exactly where I was making mistakes, and within the first hour, we had come up with clear steps for me to take to improve my score. I went from getting 2-5 questions wrong on reading to getting NONE wrong!!  Emily shared tips that honestly would have never occurred to me and they made a big difference. I am so glad I found her!”

Hannah Z.

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