About Alchemy Test Prep

Alchemy Test Prep was created to provide students with the skills and information they need to up their testing game and see big results.

I started Alchemy because I realized there was a need for better test prep strategies for students who want to be elite scorers but aren’t getting there on their own.

Through careful study and intensive practice, I developed a specific formula to help students master ACT/ SAT English. My unique approach gets at the heart of what makes these tests hard: they are so different from what students are asked to do at school. For this reason, it is essential that students not only learn content- they must learn the rules that govern “the game.”

My specialities include teaching students three key things: the exact steps to follow for every question type, how to completely eliminate their careless errors, and how to guess and get questions right. My classes are funny, energetic, and engaging, and I make it priority to always have a good time while learning.

For more information about the specifics of tutoring, please see the Online Tutoring page.

Emily is phenomenal. After 1 hour with her, I increased my ACT English score by 6 points and reached my goal. After the second hour, I exceeded my goal score by 4 more points. Emily made me believe that I could turn my worst section into my best one, and I did. I came to her with a 23 in English and after 3 classes, I got a 35. I qualified for a higher level of financial aid because of Emily’s help. My family and I are SO grateful!

Jacqueline S.

Emily is very knowledgeable about the SAT reading and writing sections. She has a sharp insight to quickly find out what’s needed for the student to improve her score. Emily has great communication skills- she can verbalize and explain very clearly on the tricky and subtle reading questions. 

Ling F.